"You know, with all those years I spent living in the past, I never really thought about the future…until now. I never did have very good timing."

Part 2 of the jasico pacific rim au! Featuring predominately Jason’s heart eyes. Also note the changes to the original emblem; the wings are now Nightfury wings =D

(click pictures for captions)

Part 1

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that boy you just called gay? well he is gay. he’s your boyfriend. both of you are gay. how do you keep forgetting this, jeffery

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please talk to me about knitting nico


i’m kind of quietly screaming over here because i’m weak for any headcanon involving yarn magic ok

and let it be said that even though i can knit i don’t really understand how it works so it’s pretty magical to me

ok ok i’m not really sure where nico could have gotten into it, maybe he accidentally shadowed into some grandmotherly type’s house and she showed him? idk i’ll have to think on it.

but yeah he likes it a lot since it’s really relaxing, and especially when you first get started it takes all your attention, so it’s a bit mind numbing.

he probably makes an entire matched set of hat, gloves, and scarf for hazel, and then scarves for frank and jason, and then percy’s like whoa nico you can knit?? you should totally make me something. and it’s like. of course he can’t say no and he ends up outfitting the entire 7+reyna in winter gear. and it’s great and warm.

i could also see him making scarves and hats for skeletons? like if there’s any who work down in the underworld. can you imagine a skeleton butler in a fuzzy hat with one of those goofy pompoms on top. like he knows they can’t get cold, but it just seems like a nice thing to do.

knitting a massive blanket for cerberus 

or percy joking about nico knitting so much that he might as well make them all weasley christmas jumpers and nico has no idea what he means but he gets someone to look it up for him and then proceeds to make percy a maroon sweater with a huge “P” on the front and percy sleeps in it in the winter because it’s warm, okay, shut up jason you want one too 

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roman empire!AU jasico where they meet on Jason’s march to Asculum

Nico’s still young and hopeful and believes Jason when he says he’ll come back - Jason believes it too, leaves his signet ring on a chain around Nico’s neck because his fingers are too thin and small to wear it, leaves frantic kisses on his cheeks and one on his mouth before he leaves in the morning. 

And then Nico waits for a week, a month, until news of the Roman victory at Asculum reaches his city on the mouths of farmers instead of passing legionaries, and Nico still sort of has hope that Jason will come back - maybe they took a detour, or maybe they’re setting up camp, or maybe they took another route back to Rome. 

A year later, he’s grown enough that the signet ring can fit on his thumb. He’s a Roman citizen, having brought himself to a praetor the week after the Lex Julia was passed. And now, after Roman ring and Roman papers, Rome itself. There’s nothing left for him in Italia and his Latin isn’t bad, so he might as well. 

Making himself look presentable at the public baths and throwing around the name Grattius a couple times lands him in front of a villa on the very outskirts of the city — he should return the ring, at least. 

And then Thalia answers the door probably (after shooing a servant away) and Nico tries to give her the ring when she recognizes the symbol and she probably drags him by the tunic to go see her dumbass brother who’s been pining after this sweet little boy he left in Italy for what feels like a century now 

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89 BC Roman soldier Jason falling in love with (rebel?? youth) Nico during after the destruction of Asculum at the end of the Social War 

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 毒 | 名前も知らない先輩ら
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i have a few things to say before i go to bed 

that is all 

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mind if i ask about the haru sleeps around au? i really like fics where sex positivity is a thing and when characters are confident and secure in being sexual, especially when it's about the least expected characters

Haruka doesn’t keep track of it at all, really. What happens just… happens, and he sees no point in making records of who he sleeps with or notching his bedpost or taking polaroids and putting them up on his wall like some sort of shrine to his sex-life, which is fantastic, by the way, thank you very much. 

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